Stoneware Projects for Elementary School Students

Children love to be creative and there's no better way to tap into their creativity than to allow them to play with their hands.  Rolling, pulling, pushing and moulding clay provides hours of fun and fulfilment.

Coil Pots:

Coil pots are one of the easiest projects for an elementary aged student to learn. The pot is formed by rolling clay into a long flimsy piece that can be coiled up into a perfect circle. To create a unique coiled pot, children can start to change the sizes of the coil as they work their way to the top of the pot. This also is a great way to bring out their true creative side when they understand the different shapes and designs they can create by just using coiled clay pieces.

Pinch Pot Animal:

A pinch pot animal is easily made by shaping clay into either an oval, coil or perfect circle (depending on the type of animal being made). Once the clay shape is formed, the child than can pinch small pieces of the clay to make ears, noses and feet. Pieces such as the tail are made by coiling small pieces of clay. After the clay has fully hardened from being place in high temperatures, the stoneware piece can than be painted to give the animal any final touches.


Making tiles is not only an easy project for children, but it can also be a fun journey to creating larger projects such as tiling your kitchen walls. Each week you can have your child/children create a new tile that will be placed on your kitchen wall once enough of them have accumulated to finish the project.

Slab Forms:

Slab forms are excellent for the younger children as they can add any words, sculptures or designs to their slab of clay. Basically you just set down, a rectangular, smooth piece of clay in front of a child and let them express their creativity any way they feel necessary. This type of project makes for an excellent keepsake for when they are older or have children of their own.