10 Terms You Need to Know For Stoneware Pottery

Project Ideas for Stoneware Wedding Gifts


Sometimes the best wedding gifts are the personalised ones where a friend or family has spent a great deal of time and effort to make sometime with their hands.

Dinner Sets

Although creating a stoneware dinner set is time consuming and more or less a difficult task, it is the perfect wedding gift to give someone you truly care for. To go beyond and design the set to perfection, you can try catching a glimpse at the bride and grooms kitchen to try and match the theme that they already have started. Once the bride and groom see how you took the time to incorporate their theme, they will become thankful and over joyed at your creativity.

Bride and Groom Coffee Mugs

As an adult we all enjoy having a cup of coffee or even a cappuccino when we first rise in the morning. How amazing would it be for the future bride and groom to have a beautifully handcrafted stoneware coffee mug set? Not only would they be perfect for the occasion, but they would be an excellent keepsake for the bride and groom to save and share with the younger generations years down the road. Even if the couple does not want to use the mugs and risk ruining them, they can make for excellent decorative pieces in the kitchen for everyone to view.

Wedding Memorabilia

Below is a small list of beautiful stoneware wedding memorabilia pieces that you can create for the bride and groom:

Picture frames

A decorative wedding plate with bride and grooms name and the date of the wedding

Hand print Slab (make imprints of the bride and grooms hands with their wedding date underneath)

For creative stoneware enthusiasts you can carve a bride and groom holding a sign showing their wedding date. (This piece can be used for a decorative piece year round, or even a Christmas tree ornament.)

Wedding Bells (Create a beautiful stoneware wedding bell set with bride and grooms names engraved on the front.)